Daya Charan and Company are in collaboration with HBXG company of China for the dealership of new technology elevated sprocket Bulldozer in India. We provide various value-added services such as skilled operators for efficient operations, on site repairs and maintenance facilities for uninterrupted services on 24 X 7 basis.

Daya Charan and Company believe in customer satisfaction by serving them with all the services related to bulldozer, thus we are now providing brand new technology elevated sprocket with reliable Cummins engine bulldozers capable of standing against all odds with much higher efficiency and performance.

We are in the business of dealing in all the services of bulldozers for more than 50 years and is currently been taken forward by the 3rd generation, proudly upholding the family tradition.

When buying a bulldozer, it is important to perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle you want to buy. The first aspect that you need to focus your attention on is the high-wear components, which are the parts that do the most work. This pertains to the track system, and the blade and hydraulic system. Worn sprockets on dozer tracks are expensive to replace and can even damage the entire track.+

For each segment we have a particular machine with varied attachments.

  • SD6N Bulldozer – 182 HP, Weight – 17 Ton
  • SD7N Bulldozer – 248 HP, Weight – 24 Ton
  • SD8N Bulldozer – 345 HP, Weight – 37 Ton
  • SD6NHW Bulldozer – 182 HP, Weight – 17 Ton
  • SD7NHW Bulldozer – 248 HP, Weight – 24 Ton

Quick Contact:

For more Details  – http://www.bulldozer.in


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