The ripper is the long claw-like device on the back of the bulldozer. Ripping is a technique of loosening the land soil or breaking up hard soil rocks before the final excavation.

There are two types of ripper – Single shank Ripper and multi shank rippers. Usually, a single shank is preferred for heavy ripping i.e. digging deep into soil whereas three shank rippers are comparatively small rippers and are used for lighter multipurpose work.

Bulldozer Ripper is also used in materials and applications other than rocks to save cost and time, and increase efficiency, which can then be removed so grading can take place.

Ripping is a technique of loosening soil or rock before the final excavation. SD7N Bulldozer and Ty165-3 Bulldozer also comes with a single shank ripper and three shank ripper attachment.

Ripper shanks are introduced entirely regularly to the longitudinal axis of the bulldozer. Most of the mining-class bulldozers are equipped with single or multiple rippers. On the crawler dozers single – and triple-tooth rippers can be mounted, which are intended to rip soil, rock, cemented gravel, sandstone, and tearing of the old asphalt isolating them from the general mass as hunks of different sizes and pieces.

Ripper with a dozer has become a popular method to loosen soil when blasting can be avoided as extremely expensive. The predictive plans of rip ability are extremely complex as the parameters can be various: geological environment, shape, and orientation of the shank, the orientation of the rocks, power of the dozer, etc.

There is a likewise increase of interest in ripping in the mining world as well. Current tractors have become so successful in ripping applications that 75% of the dozers come from the factory with rippers.

Daya Charan & Company offers the advance designed track-type big dozers for ripping which are equipped with hydraulic enhancements, increased horsepower, and better traction which help in improving ripping performance and efficiency.

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